At Environmental Construction, Inc., we use only the highest quality materials for proper job completion.  ECI has the ability to supply all required geosynthetic materials along with the necessary site supervision, skilled technicians, and equipment operators related to the installation of the geosynthetic materials. Our geomembrane lining installation experience with HDPE, PVC, Polypropylene, EPDM, and GCL, and Geotextile liners has millions of sq. ft. of experience all over the states of West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. We install and repair many different types of material from high density polyethylene liners and geocomposites to clay liners.

Materials We Supply:

High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane

Linear Low Density Polyethylene Geomembrane

EPDM Geomembrane

PVC Geomembrane

Polypropylene Geomembrane



If you ever need a liner system installation or repair, ECI is the company with the experience and manpower to get it done. Contact ECI today by calling 304-755-8241, 304-545-5729, or by Requesting a Quote. ECI has you “covered”.

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ECI (Environmental Construction) was established in 1998, and has gained much experience throughout the years. We install many different types of material from high density polyethylene HDPE liners and geocomposites to clay liners.


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    9374 Teays Valley Rd.
    P.O. Box 705
    Scott Depot, WV 25560

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    Office: (304) 755-8241

    Cell: (304) 545-5729

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Environmental Construction Inc. is a member of the IAGI (International Association of Geosynthetic Installers). IAGI is a program that aims to promote industry growth and provide better quality workmanship.

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